Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Stay Clean is outstanding in its ability to remove tenacious soil and is unique in doing so without leaving any sticky, dirt holding residue. It allows you to greatly extend the time between necessary cleanings. Utilizing the Stay Clean machines you are able clean during the day, using low moisture cleaning techniques.


STAY CLEAN - It’s the sticky residue left by ordinary cleaners that promotes re-soiling. Soil won’t stick to STAY CLEAN and STAY CLEAN won’t stick to carpet fibers.
SURFACTANT/SOLVENT BLEND - A unique combination for optimum penetration, lifting, suspension, removal of all types of soil...and just better cleaning.
CONVERTS TO A POWDER - Dries to a friable residue that gradually breaks down to a practically invisible powder.
REPLACES POWDERS & GRANULES - STAY CLEAN eliminates the need for time consuming vacuuming when used in so called dry cleaning.
FASTER DRYING - The Stay Clean Machine utilizes the low moisture cleaning system dramatically reducing drying time.
NO IMMEDIATE VACUUMING - Most carpet cleaning chemicals recommend vacuuming immediately after use. It’s a necessity when using “dry” powders, but not with STAY CLEAN.
COMPLIES WITH TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS - Meets specs for use on stain resistant nylon. Contains no butyl. Meets rigid requirements of California VOC regulations and new OTC guidelines.


EXTRACTION: Dilute 2 or 3 oz. of Stay Clean per gallon of water and follow machine directions.

BONNET CLEANING: Dilute 4 oz. per gallon of Stay Clean per gallon of water. Spray carpet with Dilution in 10’ x10’ areas using a pump up sprayer. Use a bonnet and a 175 RPM rotary machine and buff area. Change bonnets frequently.

BRUSH CLEANING: Dilute 4 oz. per gallon of Stay Clean per gallon of water. Spray carpet with

Dilution in 10’ x10’ areas using a pump up sprayer, you can use a solution tank on your buffer but the tanks tend top over wet carpet. Use a brush and a 175 RPM rotary machine and scrub area.
SPOTTING: Dilute 4 oz per gallon of water. Apply with clean cloth or sprayer. Many spots will disappear with only brushing. Blot with absorbent white cloth. When rubbing work from outer edge of spot toward center.


Stay Clean, 1 gallon…$25.50

Low moisture carpet cleaning package:

8 - gallons of Stay Clean.

1- 17” floor buffer with carpet brush and pad holder.

10 - 17” carpet bonnets with scrub strips .

1- 3 gallon pump up sprayer.

1- 36 pk of spotting towels.

1- spotting brush.

1- Commercial heavy duty vacuum.

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